About Us

Decotech, a company that made a bold entry into the textile market in 2016, is among the few companies in Turkey that utilize the “Lock stitch” technique and advanced bonding technologies for seamless production.

With its experienced team, Decotech maintains its production capacity mainly focused on active sportswear. Despite the challenging global market conditions of today, it continues to offer solutions that best meet the needs, taking into account current fashion trends.

In addition to collaborations with leading Turkish brands, Decotech aims to expand its export range to all European countries, in addition to its existing exports to France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Canada. By focusing on production, technology, and innovation, Decotech aims to achieve its growth targets in the international arena while contributing to our country’s sustainable growth goals.


With the consciousness of our motto “Run To Success,” our goal is to be unquestionably among the top 5 companies in our field, serving all European countries.


“Başarıya Koş” mottomuzun bilinciyle tüm Avrupa ülkelerine hizmet vererek kendi alanımızda tartışmasız akla gelen ilk 5 firma arasında olmak.


With our innovative identity, we aim to consistently provide our customers with high-value products without compromising on quality and keep our motto “Run To Success” alive.